Organizational Planning

Non-profit and volunteer-run organizations often need to do organizational planning. This site provides information and resources to start or run a community organization. Information on legal considerations or securing funding is also available.

Links will take you to the website of the department or agency responsible for administering the program. Please use the back button in your browser to navigate back to InvolveNL.

Human Resources, Hiring and Insurance

The following sites will provide information about hiring employees or other human resource-related activities. This includes information about finding employees, as well as identifying and providing appropriate resources for those employees once hired.

NL HR Manager - HR Toolkit opens in new window opens in new window

The NL HR Manager Toolkit is a comprehensive, easy to use online human resource toolkit to assist small to medium -sized for profit or not for profit employers find, keep and manage workers. It includes information on a variety of topics such as: Finding Workers, Finding the Right Workers, Keeping Workers, Engaging Young Workers, Managing a Diverse Workplace, the Basics of HR, Compensation and Benefits and Employer Support. The toolkit has wide variety of free downloadable resources and templates such as interview guides, job ad template, sample letter of offer, performance review template, sample diversity policy template, social media planning handbook and employee handbook template.

Occupational Health and Safety

The primary goal of the OHS Branch is accident and illness prevention. This is achieved by working with stakeholders to establish, promote and enforce workplace practices, standards and procedures. The Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations outline health and safety requirements for the protection of employees including those employed by charities and nonprofits.

Insurance and Risk Management for the Voluntary and Nonprofit Sector

This is an independent and unbiased reference for volunteers and voluntary nonprofit organizations interested in insurance and risk management.

Licences and Permits

Whether for a special event, or for the daily operations of an organization, non-profit and charitable organizations often have to apply for permits or Licences available through the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. The following links provide more information about Licences and permits frequently used by the community sector.

BizPaL (Business Permits and Licences) opens in new window opens in new window

BizPaL is an easy and convenient web-based service that helps business people and prospective entrepreneurs determine the regulatory requirements for starting a business. The system generates customized information on permits, Licences, approvals or other regulatory requirements by all three levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal).

Food Establishment Licence

A Food Establishment Licence may be issued to any premise that is involved with the sale, production, manufacturing, preparation, storage and/or distribution of food subject to compliance with all pertinent legislation. Any individual or group proposing to organize/establish a temporary food operation service must have a permit to operate.


Service NL regulates charitable and non-profit organizations' lottery fundraising activities including bingo, ticket lotteries, games of chance, card games, Monte Carlo events and break open tickets that are sold at bingos and other fundraising events.


The following links provide helpful tips and information about running a community organization.

Community Sector Council Newfoundland and Labrador opens in new window opens in new window

Provides tools, resources and information for community groups including information on how to start a nonprofit or charity and a community board for posting events, volunteer opportunities, jobs and funding links.

Dalhousie University Non-Profit Sector Leadership Resources opens in new window opens in new window

Resources include information on Governance, Board Development, Leadership and Management. A number of sample documents can be found including by laws, code of conduct, conflict resolution policies, job descriptions and succession planning.

Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union: Planning and Advice for Non-Profit Organizations opens in new window opens in new window

The Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union has posted advice on a range of issues from registration, governance, staffing, payroll and fundraising.